Information of interest to our clients (part 4): civil proceedings that do not require the intervention of a lawyer and solicitor

We consider it important for our clients to know that there are various cases in the civil and commercial sphere, regulated in the Civil Procedure Act (hereinafter LEC) and in the Voluntary Jurisdiction Act (hereinafter LJV), in which they can personally go to the Courts and Tribunals without the need for the legal services of […]

Award of compensation for unlawful interference with honor by keeping data registered in solvency files for a non-existent debt

On 14 December 2022, Economist&Jurist echoed a decision of the Supreme Court which overturned a ruling of the Provincial Court of Valencia and awarded a woman 3,000 euros in compensation for infringement of her right to honor by entering her data in files for non-existent debts. In the case brought before the High Court, the […]

Information of interest to our clients (part 2): the time limitation and prescription of legal actions

In the previous publication of this section we talked about the reasons why it is necessary to make an extrajudicial claim before starting the preparatory steps of the lawsuit, and one of them is because it is an ideal way to interrupt the prescription period of the possible legal actions to be exercised. At Albos […]

Information of interest to our clients (part 1): the importance of extrajudicial claims prior to the filing of any lawsuit in civil and commercial matters

At the moment of formalizing a representation agreement with our clients, several doubts arise, not so much in relation to the legal issues and the content of the claim, but especially in relation to the different procedures to be carried out by us in the framework of the legal services contracted. Therefore, from Albos Law, […]

Favourable resolution for a client of Albos Law

Albos Law obtains a judicial authorization for the sale of the property of a disabled person, in favour of a family member, in order for him/her to have liquidity for his/her care and needs (Rule no. 279/2022 of March 17, 2022 issued by the Court of First Instance No. 40 of Barcelona). Paragraph 1 of […]

The position of the Provincial Courts in relation to the IRPH claims after the last Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Article by María José Alamar published in LegalToday on 01/27/2022. The opinion of the firm: Although the jurisprudence issued by the Supreme Court in relation to this matter is turning out to be unanimously dismissive for consumers and users, it is more than evident that it contradicts the jurisprudence issued by the CJEU in terms […]

Analysis of the Judgment of the Supreme Court n. 235/2021 of April 29 regarding insurance claims

Recently, the Supreme Court has ruled stating that the omission of diseases in the health questionnaire will only release the insurer from its obligation to pay compensation in cases in which intent or gross negligence of the insured is detected, in accordance with the provisions in art. 10 of the Insurance Contract Law. Specifically, through […]